Wapiti Watershed Source Water Protection Plan

Wapiti Watershed Source Water Protection Plan

This project is just beginning and complements the Wapiti River Water Management Plan, which focusses and water quantity. The Source Water Protection Plan will be in a sense a Watershed Management Plan that focusses on maintaining the quality of the water resource.

We are happy to be working with the Alberta Environment and Parks, Aquatera, the County of Grande Prairie, the MD of Greenview and Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation on this.

Protecting Source Water

As we continue to work on mitigative strategies to address the risks identified for Wapiti Watershed Source Water, we would like to start sharing some of the strategies; actions that we can take to protect our water.

The diagram below depicts some of the potential pathways for contaminants to enter the water. In green is non-point sources and this is the focus of the risk assessment.


Average runoff coefficient maps for the Wapiti Watershed. These maps depict the average expected nitrogen, phosphorous and sediment export based on factors such as historical export, soil type, slope and proximity to water courses.

Thanks for your input!

The Project Team has reviewed the input and reworked the Relative Risk Ranking for the hazards accordingly.  Now it is time to work on the strategies to mitigate these risks.

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